Table inside table that work like a template

I’m new here, I’ve been using Notion but many people said that Coda was better, so I’ve been testing. But the truth is that something I thought was going to be simple… it hasn’t been at all!
Coda has buttons and seems to have more functionality, but all I want to do is a “template” like in Notion on the tables.
Actually, what I want is that when someone adds a new entry, they have several options. For example: “Create new video” I make a new entry of this in a table and it has Milestones that I can select from, for example, make script, research topic, record. I want it to be selectable, they may not need to investigate for this video, so they select only the other two and when selecting for example “make script” the tasks that are in a table appear: -write script

  • edit script, with columns such as person in charge, date, etc.
    Is it possible to do this? I thought it would be easier, in Notion I could do it but it would not have buttons and the Coda functionalities, but it would have taken me much less time :unamused:

Hi Franka,

This was my entry for the recent “Evolution of the todo list” challenge from Coda. : The evolution of the todo-list

In generation 3 and 4 I showcase two different ways in which to implement templates. One is making use of a canvas template, the second of page templates.

To have a replicated checklist, there are several different ways in which this could be done, depending on what you want to be able to achieve.

Something that I learned the hard way, trying to do in Coda what one did in Excel, Notion, Roam Research is going to be painful twice. Once when you try and shoehorn Coda into your old patterns, and again when you miss all the good things that Coda brings to the table.

I always say to newcomers to Coda to give themselves three to six months to familiarise themselves with Coda. MANY of the differences between the tools are subtle, and is going to trip you up. Play with it, build a few POCs, and then do your magnum opus.



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