How to create parent templates with child templates with Coda

Hi everybody,

I am new to Coda and I’m unsure it can do what I am looking for, I’m coming from Notion and Google sheets.

I would like to create several row workflow templates, made of a row for each project.

Most column headers correspond to a single task with a drop-down single or multiple list to choose from: to do, in progress, done.

First question: Can these headers be “reused” across the different workflows in order to display them in a master sheet? For ex. I have a “Review” column which I will use in workflow A and C and I would like to be able to know what projects-workflows are under review even if the workflow/table is different.

Second q.: can a specific cell assigned to a specific user? Is it possible that the user only sees that cell and not the whole row workflow/table?

One or two columns should “refer to” child tables/task lists from which they display the results (f.ex. 30% 100% or in progress, done). Can this be done? Is it bidirectional?

Third q. the users to whom the child table is assigned, should see only that one and not the whole row workflow/table. Is this possible?

Finally, the question on the template (this is why I am looking into Coda after having tried in Notion without success). Can such a “row-template” with child-tables referred in some of its cells, can be saved as a template (with pre-defined assignees for ex.)?

Would using that template create both a row with its columns and the corresponding child templates linked to the corresponding cells?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @Earendil, thanks for reaching out to the community :smiley:
If you haven’t already seen it, I’d recommend taking a look at this community post: Project Manangement with Folding of parent items
This seems like a good workaround for what you’re trying to do!


Bear in mind that while Coda and Notion superficially look the same, they are very diffreent when you start getting into the nut and bolts.

Short answer: yes.
For more info see the below doc. It makes use of two different approaches. A canvas column for meetings, and a template page for projects.

Short answer: yes. But I am not certain exactly what you are trying to do; Not sure why different tables are needed?

It depends on what you mean with “assigned” If you want to just create a user-specific view, yes. If you want to restrict a person from seeing certain things in a doc, that is not possible. But you can set up a cross-doc with just the information that they need to have access to.

Short answer: yes. But there is a multitude of ways to achieve this, all depending on your reason for the multiple tables which I mention above.

Yes. In the doc I shared above I show two ways of doing this, once with a canvas column, once by duplicating a page, with optional sub-pages, each containing table(s) as needed.

I hope this helps somewhat, but there is a lot of unanswered questions and “it depends” topics.

Anyway, it’s just a ramble
Rambling Pete

Thanks @Piet_Strydom and @Jasmine_B , for your answers, and sorry for the delay in answering: I am putting the Coda project on hold for the moment. Kind regards.

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