Row Templates. Seems Very hard to Do

Hello all, Really was looking forward in getting back into Coda, coming from Notion. And its very Frustrating to not be able to just create a row, enter data and then click a button or drop down to have your template generate over that info… Notion is very simple cut and dry to to do this. I been at this for almost 4 hours of wasted time trying to understand how to or even get a basic formula to do it. To be honest your formula is not easy to use. Well I tried guest i have to stick with notion.

This is a duplication of another post you made, I will ask for it to be removed.

Do understand hope someone can answer my question then. Since its been two years an no update.

Thanks so much for reaching out @Feedback_Entertainment and for flagging this as a duplicate post @Piet_Strydom . If you are looking for an update about a specific issue, we recommend reaching out directly to our Coda Support team by clicking the ? in the bottom right corner of your Coda screen and submitting a feedback form with this information. In the meantime, I will be closing this thread for further commenting. Have a wonderful day!

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