Row Template Seems very complex

Hello all, Really was looking forward in getting back into Coda, coming from Notion. And its very Frustrating to not be able to just create a row, enter data and then click a button or drop down to have this done., Why so hard?

What do you mean with “click a button or dropdown to have this down”? And I don’t understand what you mean with row template?
Perhaps you can share a sample or some screen prints?

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Here you go my table in notion and also The templates which is easy to create. by clicking the new button on the right.

Hallo @Feedback_Entertainment ,

The New button is in coda no problem: /button with action add record will do the trick. If you want to open the new row a modal you can set the action to open for editing. Default values for all the columns are also easy to accomplish.

As far as templates go: in Coda you can use templates to make a new page based on a template, but you could also make rows based on a template row. It’s kind of hard for me to understand what it exactly is what I am looking at in your screenprints - my knowledge of Notion is very limited.

I know how popular Notion is and certain things work very nice and look good, but I don’t see anything that can’t be done in Coda. The screenprint with templates looks pretty impressive, but I don’t know what those lines do, so I can’t tell you if Coda can do the same thing.

Thanks tfor the reply. basically I would like when i enter a new item in my table i can then click a button which would open open up or let me choose which template to use for that row. Each template i have created in Notion has different values and views… . If you can share a video on how to add a template and row in a table would be a start. Example: If i enter data into a row in notion I then click the new button which holds all of my Templates. for that table I can click the one the i want and it will over right / populate the template info. Can this be done in Coda.

Hello @Feedback_Entertainment

I am not really sure how notion goes about templates and what you are trying to accomplish in coda.

You can put a button on a page and add a row to the DemoTable by putting the following code in the button action (you can use the prebaked functions or click on the little f symbol and write your own function):


As far as templates go - I am pretty sure it works completely different in notion - I don’t now what templating a row would consist off. That said, if you have a table called templates and one of the columns in the template table is of the type canvas, you can copy each individual canvas cell (which might serve as a template) to a canvas cell in your working table. You can put a button in your demo table to copy the template canvas cell contents to the current row in the demo table.

The apply template button could have code that looks something like this:


Is this what you are trying to accomplish. If yes, but you can’t get it to work, make a little shared demo doc and someone will help out.