Add a default template to new line items in a table

I’m trying to add a default note template in one of the cells for all new rows created in my table. In the screenshot below, you’ll see the note icon in the last cell/column that I’d like to be one of my templates.

The 2nd option would be for a new row to be created upon selecting the button which upon creation opens a default note template of which the title I give it would become the name/title of that newly created item.

Please let me know if either of these make sense.

I’m not 100% clear what you’re asking for the 2nd option.

But for the first, I’d create a row called and call it TEMPLATE. In the notes column for that row, put in what you want to start in all of your notes column. Then under the options of your Notes column, select Value for new row, then choose your template row.

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Thanks for your reply. As for the 2nd option, attached is a screenshot of a ‘notion’ page or note with a table of notes from a youtube video I watched.

When the owner select the ‘New’ button, a new row is created of which the new record/row is a note, from a template.

  1. New button is pushed
  2. New note template pulls up
  3. Detials are filled out (title, date, etc) what ever parameters are on the template.
  4. New note is added as a line item/row in the table

Hi Cory,

In the document below I showcase two different ways to add a “template” to a row. They are on the pages for Generation 2 (meetings) and Generation 3 (projects) respectively.

Please have a look and see whether that is what you had in mind?
There are some other ways as well.


For me, the template that I made isn’t showing from that lookup/search field that shows ‘template notes’ for you?

Hi @Cory_Sky,

please check out this post and see if it helps you: