Link breaks, checkboxes in "value for new rows"

I use tables to take detailed notes for a list of customers. I’m able to create line breaks and checklists when I edit those fields.

Is it possible to create a default value for new rows to use text, line breaks, and checklists. For example, if I wanted a sample text like this:

Some text
Some text
Some text

I tried pasting this in, but the result was like this:

[ ] Some text \n[ ] Some text \n[ ] Some text

one line, with square brackets

Hello there @Dimitri_Zakharov!
There is a way of doing this, inspired by a trick by @Paul_Danyliuk. You can make a table with the template and when adding rows referencing this table to add the formatted text. In the next Coda is shown how to accomplish it.
The first table (Template) is the formatted text you want as a “template” and in the second, every time you add a row in this one, it is added with the template format


Great. That looks like exactly what I need!