Checklist formula for 'Value for New Rows' section in Text column?

Hi all, I’ve been searching through the community threads trying to solve a problem I’m having, but haven’t quite found it. I have a feeling it’s rather simple once I get the formula right.

What I’ve set up is a Table with a Column type set to Text. Within the box I inserted /checklist to get the list I wanted. What I would like to do is set up the value of the rows to always have the /checklist every time I create a new row in this specific column. Aka, every time I create a new row in this Task column, it will prepopulate with a checklist, so I don’t manually have to add it to each new row.

My guess is this could be solved by going to Text Options and setting up a formula for the “Value for new rows” section. But I haven’t quite figured out the best formula to do so. Any suggestions?

(Also note: I’m not using the Checkbox Column Type is because it only allows one checkbox and I need multiples in one container.)

what you could do is set up a row with the starting values you want, then reference that row when setting up Value For New Rows

the formula for would look something like this

(to make the formula editor reference a specific row, type @ then start typing the name of the row. to do this you might need to change the display column so that the row you want to reference has a unique name, in my example “Task Template” and you can change the display column back or even delete it after your formulas are set up)

and then you want to filter out the template row so no one deletes it, the filter formula would be:


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