Button press --> create new record with specific template?

Hi there.

I’m working on a system that has records on different types of organizations. In this case Investor, Pipeline opportunity, portfolio company, Service provider, Customer. This type is specified in its own field. Another one of my fields in the “Organizations” table is is a canvas.

I would like to have a row of buttons on the main app page for users of the system to add a record for each organization type: “Create New Investor”… etc…

Based on the button they press I’d like to create a new row, but I’d like to add a specific template page to the canvas field based on which button was pressed. E.g. Investors would have some financial data in the template. Portfolio companies would have information on what and when investments were made. Etc…

Is this possible?

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Hi @Jan_Bouten_Jr,

Please see the doc below which includes details on how it works.

I appreciate that your question has gone unanswered for some time now and it may not longer be relevant but hopefully it can still be useful to you.

If you need anything clarifying please let me know.



Hey @Dale_Cowling and @Jan_Bouten_Jr !

Dale had some good ideas and a good start for you, but I would recommend a different way that will be both:

  • Faster and more performant for you doc in the long run
  • Easier to set up with no complicated formulas

You can find the doc below

Heres whats going on:

  1. Create a template table that is set aside only for the purpose of templates. This will make the UX in the long run easier as there is a dedicated set aside space for viewing and editing templates. Its also good database design, you wouldn’t want to keep “records” in the same table as “templates”
  2. In the button you are going to just select the action Add Row and the pre-set the columns. There is no need to use the filter() formula as it is not needed and is a bit slower of a formula. Instead you can just use @tags and immediately reference the row you are looking for

Heres a quick GIF
Screen Cast 2022-06-29 at 6.57.23 AM

Hopefullly that helps! Heres the doc you can play with or copy


Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir,

Please note that the link to the doc in your response is incorrect. I have had a play around with the @ function in my own Doc and can see that it is very useful and will work as you say.

It’s actually a very elegant solution.

I am from an SQL Database background so some of the functions available in Coda are still new to me but I am learning all of the time.

I appreciate you taking the time to point me in the right direction.

Many thanks



It was an incorrect link! Thanks for giving me that heads up

And glad to help! Coda is a long learning road with tons of little specifics - but looks like you are off to a great start! Thanks for all the help you are giving others in the community


Fabulous! Thanks Y’all!

Hello From San Diego!

I love the way way this system runs. I was curious to know how one would use this template/log entry method but instead of canvas use for note/commenting presenting and storying a templated form.

Like for Incident Log/Reporting for Security Firm?

But have separate buttons for different Reports like Accident, Incident, Event, Medical, etc.

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