Project Manangement with Folding of parent items

While we dont have folding yet (and its definitely on our radar to make it easier to create folding/collapse of hierarchical data) - you can build it yourself in coda today. Here’s an example.


Brilliant job! Congrats!

Nice. This is something I did awhile back after your help with nested sorting @Krunal_Sheth.

I’ve been thinking about doing a full doc explanation, but the work to create and release a template doc just seems like too much. I wish Coda had a “randomize and template” button to create a template of my doc with completely different information.

Anyways, here is a gif of my nested project setup. Let me know if there are people interested in a whole-doc exploration and release.



Omgness… is there anyway I can have a copy of this format? @Lloyd_Montgomery

Hey @MK_2109,

I’ll see what I can do to reduce the template and put some mock data into it. To make it all function properly it of course has a lot of variables in the background that store information about nested values and hidden rows. I’ll have to mark those as “do not touch” and etc.

Perhaps this week I’ll put some work in and post it.


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Just an update for people waiting:

I am working on the template. I am cleaning up my doc and note some basic usage so beginners can get going with it. However, I don’t think Coda supports me actually posting the template. I cannot just copy my doc and delete my data because Coda maintains a history off the document, even after copying the doc. So unfortunately, due to the complexity of the document, I don’t think I can post it.

I cannot simply recreate the tables because that would take a considerable amount of time.

I cannot simply copy and paste one section at a time because the connections and formulas will break.

If anyone knows how to do this, I would be grateful to know.


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Can’t you just select all and copy-paste into another doc? AFAIK the connections shouldn’t break.

(provided that you put all the connected stuff in one section and copy-paste everything at once)

Great job on that doc of yours btw, looks impressive!

@Paul_Danyliuk I had not considered moving everything to a single doc, then copying to another doc. I think it could work.

Thanks for the generous effort though!

@Lloyd_Montgomery thank you for trying - just fyi we have a feature somewhere on our backlog to allow users to “remove history” - not entirely sure when we would get to it. but we are aware of the needs.

This is awesome. Do you have a public version?

Hi @Curtis_Smith,

I am working on it. Between my research and work it is hard to find free time. The most important part is adding a section that describes how to use the document, which takes time.

I will make a new post once it is done, and link that post here in this thread. Follow this thread to be notified.


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Thank you. What is it you’re studying?

I research Requirements Engineering, a sub-field of Software Engineering, at the University of Hamburg in Germany. Some months are alright and I spend much time working with Coda and other side projects, other months like right now I’m in a basement in Barcelona working on a paper deadline while attending a business meeting.

Thank goodness I have a Coda doc that manages my priorities :wink:


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very interesting. I connected with you on linkedin. My company has an office in Berlin. Possibly synergies in the future.

To all following this thread (@Curtis_Smith @Paul_Danyliuk @Krunal_Sheth @MK_2109 @Nick_Milner), I have uploaded my doc in a separate post: Omnicodoro – The Rise and Fall of Building a Complex App in Coda