One on One In Person Coda Help - Docs, Tables & Templates structure

Looking for someone relatively expert to help me establish the best ways to organize docs/tables, use of templates and forms, and include some automations based on what I’m building. I’ve already inputted a lot of data and need help organizing it based on my goals as the data increases.

I’m looking to work with someone over zoom to address most issues at one time. I can’t afford anything pricey so either someone who wants to help out of their extreme generosity or someone able to offer something very affordable.

thank you

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Hate to leave it without answer.

One on one help from “someone relatively expert” can’t really be “very affordable” — after all, it’s someone’s time spent exclusively for one person. Or it would be a very superficial discussion, like “going out for a coffee” level of superficial.

Your best bet is self-learning from free or affordable materials.

On best practices on organizing docs and tables, watch my best practices series. Yes they are long, but one can’t complain as they’re free.

I’m working on a Learn Formulas quick guide that I’m launching sometime in a week or two. It’s gonna be very concise, yet cover essential theory and be available at $50-ish. Watch my twi to know when I launch it.

You can also ask @Scott_Collier-Weir. He used to do “get unstuck” sessions for free in the past — maybe he’s still doing it.

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