[request] ISO Coda tutor and technical assistance

I’m looking to hire someone to essentially serve as a Coda tutor. I am building out a wiki/resource hub/tool to be used by a group of about 40 volunteers, who will be expected to both utilize and add to the content.

I do not have the budget to outsource the project, nor do I think it’s necessary. However, I would like to hire someone who can help me build this out faster by answering questions I run into, advising on best practices for my particular situation, and helping me create the skeleton/structure my docs (as well as setting up permissions etc for users). I don’t need someone who runs a coda business, because I don’t anticipate needing to create anything terribly complex. I just don’t have the time to keep muddling along, spending 30 minutes figuring out a formula, watching a youtube instructional video, etc. dozens of times in the process and would prefer to have someone with expertise who can guide me through this faster.

Must be

  • supportive of abortion rights
  • willing to sign an NDA
  • available to meet remotely (zoom etc) starting within 1 week, for at least a handful of hours per week
  • amenable to working with an extremely under-funded nonprofit

If you are interested, please send me a message and I can share a bit more information.


I’m not being funny but have you tried using ChatGPT 4 for this? It will awnser all your Coda questions and write formulas for you for 20usd a month.

yea chat gpt can help with discrete tasks like writing a formula, but it can’t give me advice on information architecture or understand my use case.

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