Coda AI alpha: A sneak peek

@Katy_Turner Please, please, please sign me up. I can provide you bucket loads of feedback and happy to help. :smiley:

@Katy_Turner Just checking for updates. I think I’ve signed up like twice already :laughing:

I just took on The HustleGPT Challenge inspired by @jacksonfall on Twitter and will be working heavily with my co-founder, HigherEdTechGPT :joy: The perfect place to document interactions with my co-founder, and demonstrate how awesome AI is to the world, will be via Coda. So please let me in the door as soon as it’s available for testing!

You guys rock!

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Hi) any updates for this?) i can’t wait)


@DavidK Amazong stuff. And sorry if you’ve already answered this but what is the cost to the user of using the AI features within Coda? Is it covered in the monthly fee I already pay or will there be usage billing on top?

Hi guys,

On the use of other languages: if I ask for some AI-generated text in my doc (so not in a table) by replacing the standard prompt in Dutch, I get a nice Dutch text (blogpost for example).
Now, when trying to do this in a column (e.g. a blogpost based on a column ‘Product’ and another one ‘Main quality’), it fails, and I get an error message.

Is there a way to overcome this?
The thing I’m looking for at the moment is summarizing meeting notes (in Dutch).