Code Interpreter by Open AI

Hello fellow Coda magicians :wave:

Do you think we could try out OpenAI Code interpreter in one of Coda docs?

Do you know any examples and if somehow have used it?

If the answer is YES, please share Coda doc links.:smiley:
If the answer is NO, let’s do it. :smiley:

Thanks and cheers!


Hi @Bojan_Pavlovic,

i haven’t done it yet, but it is probably no problem to get this done…

Happy codaing :slight_smile:


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Thanks Jannis. Let’s see if someone else have created something and than I’ll try on my own.


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Was playing with it yesterday via Chatgpt and fed it api documentation in an attempt to help myself write packs. Not sure how close I can get to exact code, but it is a really good teacher. I can upload sample code and it does a good job describing what’s going on and can translate code to a different language for me.


Hey @Dustin_Good1 ,

Do you want us to work together on it? I’d be happy to work together on a pack or whatever we would be working on.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I’m down. Have you built a pack already?

Not yet but I was about to & that’s why I wanted to check if someone has been already working on it.

I’m down to contribute! If you guys have a git repo going drop it here

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Hey Jannis, thanks for sharing and this looks like an interesting stuff and I’ll take a look tonight.
Might be useful to collaborate and make this a powerful stuff. Step by step is still more than no steps at all :grin: Cheers :rocket::rocket:


Hey @Bojan_Pavlovic! If you get around to setting up a Github repository or something of that nature, let us know. I’m exited about the opportunity to contribute and bring the OpenAI code interpreter into the Coda Doc.


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