Coda AI – Are there any limits to referencing pages and tables in your prompts?

Seeing some of the demo coda docs, it looks like Coda AI can reference any page content or table content. Is that the same thing as copy and pasting that content into a ChatGPT prompt window and using that to write a prompt after that?

If that’s the case, is there a limit in terms of how much reference content I can feed into my Coda AI prompt? Could I theoretically feed in all my Jira tickets on my Jira page, all my product scoping documents, and all my customer service tickets into all future prompts so it can understand my entire business? I know there are token limits for ChatGPT so wondering how that impacts the references for CodaAI.

Yes, prompts may contain formulas and formulas can carve out data and content from document sources, of course.


Yes. I believe it is about 4k (characters). Codans need to chime in with the actual size. I have attempted to use large data sets (> 4k) - no go.

Some day, but not today. This article touches on your dreams by using aggregations of large data sets to make inferences from.


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