Coda AI and output character limit

I’m trying to work out if coda ai can help write shortened or summarized versions of a longer block of copy, that has to fit within a specific character limit.
right now there are options to define length in the AI prompt options of one sentence or paragraph. But is there a way to get to restrict itself to under 150 characters or 250 words?

hi @Mohamed_Hamad1 ,

you can ask the AI to write the summary in max 250 words or 150 characters, that should work
the ai loves polite questions :wink:
enjoy, christiaan


been trying that. I tried asking for “under 150 characters”, “max 150 characters” or “no more than 150 characters”. it always comes out much much longer

hi @Mohamed_Hamad1 ,

maybe the AI coda provides is not strong enough, did you test the BING chat bot (purple version) or Bard to check if these AIs can make it?

what may help is an example, than the ai has something to compare with, did you try that?

cheers, christiaan

I believe this is a general llm problem and it doesn’t seem like there’s a good solution. Crafting a good prompt is hard and depends on the model. It seems people have seen more success asking to limit to words, like @Christiaan_Huizer mentioned, or even sentences, rather than characters.

I also suggest to try using words like “concise”, “brief”, and “compact”. Best of luck!

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thanks. in general i’ve found giving it instructions on brevity using words works. a sentence, a paragraph, a few words, etc. but its just in the situation where i want to have things in a specific word or character count. In my specific situation, i have a list of peoples bios in a long format, and i need 3 variations, each with different character limits for input in to a system. was hoping AI would be able to help out with that. in the case where it needs to be a couple of lines/sentences. But where it needs to under a 150 or 300 characters is where it fails me