Coda and Zendesk Chat Intergration


I would like to ask if there is a way I can Integrate the statuses of Coda and Zendesk Chat. What I mean, if I change the status in Coda to “Online” the Zendesk Chat status will also be updated automatically “Online” and if I change the status in Coda to “Break”, “Lunch” or any status except Online then Zendesk chat will be changed to “Invisible”. Thanks in Advance!

Don’t think it’s possible. Most likely route would be Zapier Pack for Coda, but Zendesk Chat doesn’t seem to have an integration with Zapier yet.


Thanks for that. May I know if API key is available if I go in the direction of creating a code application so i can link the 2 app?

Yep that’s a possibility actually.

Details here.


  • I’m not aware of any webhooks functionality, so your app would have to poll the coda doc every X seconds
  • There is a delay between when things are updated in a doc, and when the change is visible via the API. In my experience it’s somewhere in the 10-20sec range, so not sure if that’s too slow for your use case once you add in polling frequency, some time for your app to process, etc.

Edit: one other option is that buttons in coda can open URLs. They can’t do it in the background like a fetch(), it actually opens a new tab. But maybe you could set something up where clicking the “I’m active” button takes multiple actions:

  1. Set status to active in Coda
  2. Open URL in new tab, which is your app with a URL parameter ?status=active
  3. Your app takes that and updates Zendesk Chat status
  4. Your app redirects the user to Zendesk Chat


Can you help me creating a formula in coda that will redirect to Zendesk Chat? Thanks

Looking into this further and I don’t think you’ll be able to do it, because I don’t think you can set an agent’s status via the API.

See request here: API Command for Setting an Agent's Status – Zendesk help