Coda Certificates? did I miss something? can't find info on it

Am I completely crazy or was there some kind of Coda training program being launched? I thought I saw an email the other day about it but I have dug through everything and can’t find any information on it.

Hi @nate_hurst :blush:

There’s the Coda Doctorate :innocent: … if that what you were looking for :blush:

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This is it!! Thank you!

No problem @nate_hurst :grin: !

It is really worthwhile to attend.


Second it! Feel free to DM me, @nate_hurst, if you’d like to hear more about it. I did the Doctorate in Q4 of this year, and LOVED it!

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I’d love it if you would apply! Earn your Coda Doctorate

@maria When is the next start date? I’ve been using Coda daily for a couple years now, I think, would be interested to see how much further I could take it.

The next cohort starts next Monday with an application deadline of January 13. Thanks!

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