The Coda Doctorate Program - Enrollment Open!

I have been building something in the Coda laboratory for months now, and it’s finally ready to share with the world. I call it the Coda Doctorate Program .

The Coda Doctorate is a FREE, five-week, asynchronous learning program with interactive elements, including a workbook with video lessons, written materials, lab exercises and assignments. We’ll interact in a community space, and there will be plenty of time for questions in virtual office hours with me and other Coda staff. (There might even be some special guest stars…)

You can get all the details here.

Feel free to send any questions my way; I’m happy to help.


hi @maria ,

You might want to check the permission options, for the moment it is view only

Cheers, Christiaan


Thanks for the heads up! Looks like I need to enroll in the Doctorate Program too :slight_smile:



Let’s continue discussion here, other’s might find it useful too. You can get the curriculum here.

I was largely self-trained, so my knowledge was like swiss-cheese, full of holes. For me the course provided a good end to end overview. It was also a chance to get into sharing ideas, and also to get to know some other makers. The people ranged from what looked like newbies, through average all the way to some really experienced people.

Also you pick up some interesting other info in the slack discussions - e.g. how Coda updates from the client side to the server side.


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@Piet_Strydom Thanks for the cite here! As another self-trained a well done learning path could help!
I’ve enrolled for the next session!
Thanks for the presentation of the course, @maria your students are the best motivators for this! :grin:

We’re having a new cohort start in October and I’d love for you to join @Mario !

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