Coda component SDK

The Coda SDK provides access to a plethora of formulas, but does it offer access to UI components?

I’d like to apply my dark theme to a published Coda doc (with a custom domain, using it as a personal website/resume).

My only work arounds would be one of the following:

  1. export account settings, store them, and inject them into the DOM with the SDK (don’t think it’s doable)
  2. isolate every single attribute / element / component w/ dev tools, define my own style sheet, and apply it.

The issue is, Coda did a great job and I want to use their theme.

Hi @gisepi - No, unfortunately we don’t offer an SDK or other tooling that allows you to adjust the UI or design of a Coda doc. The Packs SDK allows you to build custom building blocks, like formulas and column types, but with a UX that we define. Any sort of style changes, like a forced dark mode, would need to be built into the product itself or via a new SDK. I think it’s very unlikely that is something we’d build in the short term, but you’re welcome to cast a vote in the #suggestionbox topic of this community.