Coda does not sync across different users

We have taken a stab at running our OKRs off Coda, which has been great as it allows me to build custom features unique to our organization.

However, all that is in vain when the edits remain local.

Example 1: what I see

How do I ensure that the edits I make on a doc reflect on the other person’s side, including filters?

There are personal and collaborative filters, the filter bar which you are using is always personal :slight_smile:


Try using a control element by writing /control

Then set it to Collaborative

Then name it and use it in a table filter formula - Found above the filter bar

Hope that helps!

Example 2: what others see

Had to put this separately as the post will not allow me to embed more than one picture.

Thanks @Rickard_Abraham for responding.

I am trying to replicate your actions but I am a bit lost (still learning Coda as I am new).

Where exactly should I type /control ? Is it at the top of the table like this?

When I type /control what should I select from the drop down?

Whichever fits your need :slight_smile: Judging by your picture probably a Select

I’d like to suggest watching some of Coda’s brilliant youtube videos such as this one! Buttons & Controls | Coda Essentials - YouTube
At 3 minutes 16 seconds she shows a shortcut which might be beneficial

There’s also one on filters: Filters | Coda Essentials - YouTube
And one on filter formulas: How to use filter formulas in Coda | Formula Essentials - YouTube