Let multiple people filter at the same time

We would like to set up a massive table of customer quotes in Coda and share it with sales + marketing. Is there a way for multiple people to filter the table at the same time without disturbing how other people are viewing the table? Similar to temporary filter views in Google Docs.


Not possible currently - if its limited set of critieria people filter things on it would not be bad idea to build something on your own. Each user can create a record in filter critieria table and Country table will be filtered based on what user picked in. This wouldnt affect rest of the users.

Example below

Hi @Fiona_Lee :slight_smile:

I think we can actually make this work pretty easily for your use case.

What we will do is a insert into the URL a short string that basically allows people to edit and manipulate the doc live without saving or showing the changes to other people. If you’re sharing this with the sales team to let them interact but not edit, this should work well.

You’ll need to do two things:

  1. In the sharing dialogue, set sharing on the doc within your domain to be ‘View only’ . People who need to edit the doc can be added directly.
  2. Add the string “viewMode=embedplay” to the doc URL after the ‘#’ at the end of the url. So, if your URL is “https://coda.io/d/Unacasts-Management-Team-Meeting-Template_drwLqrc1SWh/Agenda_sucJm#_luFl6”, the new one would be “https://coda.io/d/Unacasts-Management-Team-Meeting-Template_drwLqrc1SWh/Agenda_sucJmviewMode=embedplay#_luFl6

You can share that second url out with anyone who needs to manipulate the doc but not save it. All the functionality will be intact - filters, canvas controls, etc.

Let me know if that makes sense!


:raised_hands: Thanks Ben!!