Coda forms don't update the filter when in shared link mode

Hi there,
I am having troubles with a coda form that I want to use as a voting system.

I have a table that collects meetings with linked fields to meeting roles each club member can complete in a meeting.
At the end of each meeting, I want all members to vote on the best Role.
I created a form, that automatically pulls the data from my meetings table and creates a form with the people that can be voted for this specific meeting.
Responses are saved in a separate table.

The problem:
When the form is embedded in a doc page, the form updates as expected. However, all members would need to create an account to be able to vote. (Even when the page sharing settings is set to editable)

When I get the sharable form link, my formula seem to not work at all. The selection of members that can be voted is completely being ignored.
See pictures for more infos.

How can I get this working?

Many thanks.

Hey @Simon_Heuschkel can you reach out to support and share your doc so we can take a closer look? You can do that by emailing, or clicking the question mark to the bottom of your screen to open a chat.

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Hi Simon, unfortunately your issue sounds like what myself and a bunch of others have been pleading with the folks at Coda to consider allowing / fixing over at this thread here:

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