Coda Formulas - How to multiply items in the same column?

I’m new to coda, i’m trying to understand basic stuff that I can do with sheets or excel, but something so simple in some programs looks IMPOSSIBLE to me after hours of trying. I just give up

Anyone can tell me what am I doing wrong? I don’t think i’m asking for something so over complicated.

I only want to multiply (product.1 * product.2 ) / 1000

Welcome to Coda!
Doing row-specific calculations isn’t ideal in Coda. It makes more sense to transpose your table in this case. Calculations are usually defined for entire columns!


Calculation formula for the “what i want” column:

thisRow.Number * thisRow.[Number 2] / 1000
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Welcome @Vince_Collado

Another option: if you need to get this type o % in a column and you do not find it in Summary, you can write a formula outside the table to summary. See an example in the image below:

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Hey guys, thanks for both answers. I ended up changing rows for columns and it worked flawlessly. I felt so helpless when trying the original input.

Thanks again,

Enjoy a great week.


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