Formulas for Individual Cells

Is there a way to create a formula for an individual cell in a Coda Table?

Gold | 24% | $

If my table has the asset name: gold
The percent of my investment funds that i want to allocate to it
then how can create the “$” column so that each row multiplies my “Total Investment Funds” (which is in another table) by the “%” column?

Each Asset name has a different correlating percentage so i cannot create one formula for the entire column.

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I don’t think there’s any way to program cells yet in Coda, unfortunately

You could do a workaround using the SwitchIf formula by specifying the RowID and column that you want to modify

SwitchIf(If rowID = x and column = y then expression, If rowID = a and column = b then expression, If rowID = c and column = d then expression, etc)

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Another question:

$ goal | $ actuality | $ exceeded or missed by
$100 | $90 | -$10

how can i create a formula for my “$ exceeded or missed by” column so that it takes the “$ actuality” column and subtracts the “$ goal” from it?

I have tried the obvious: (Table Name.$actuality) - (Table Name.$goal)

but it did not work

Oh, well i fixed it by simply not including the name of the table before name of the column, which i find odd since that is how i would normally express them in a formula.
thanks so much anyway!

Would this not work?

thisRow.[%] * OtherTable.[Total Investment Funds].value

I’m having a hard time envisioning what your tables all look like without examples, but it sounds like you’re not really asking for per-cell formulas–it’s just that that’s one way of reaching your goal. But

  1. Coda by design doesn’t care about “cells” and has no idea what cells are; Coda’s smallest unit is a row.
  2. Even if it did support individual cells, using them is more-often-than-not a symptom of unsustainable table design

There’s usually a more elegant solution to be had in table relations.

that did work! thanks so much! really appreciate it!