Coda in the beginning

HI All Beginners

I have lately seen quite a few cases where somebody has joined Coda an hour or three back, and come with relatively complicated questions.

When you are new to Coda, or to no-code applications in general, be aware that it will take some time for you to get “the hang of things”. Do not build your magnum opus in the first three months, because you most likely will do it over. And sometimes more than once. And this is especially true if you are skilled in spreadsheets or databases, like Excel or Access. Coda is very different to those tools, sometimes in subtle ways. Start on the smaller side, and try different ways to do things.

Please do not attempt to run before you can walk. I am concerned that you will get frustrated and think Coda is not for you, or Coda is too difficult, or worse, Coda cannot do A, B or C; and then walk away.

Again, Coda is different, but it is also amazing. Do yourself the favour, and get to know it.

I go into a little bit more details here:

(Hopefully this works better than the embed I had earlier.)

Rambling Pete