Coda is for makers 👥


We’ve told a few of you about our top-secret art project. Now for the reveal! We’re creating likenesses of makers—Coda’s patron saints and early adopters who are building docs that inspire us—and putting them around our site. Every month or so, we’ll be introducing new makers in our gallery, along with templates based on their creations.

First up: Yuhki and Yixin from Uber. They created one of the largest trackers ever made in Coda. You can read about it here.


Want to be next? Share the docs you’ve made in Coda—they can be templates, work docs, puzzles, whatever it is that you Coda. Tell us your maker story!


This is a great!

Especially to share with the team so that they can see what’s possible :+1:

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I like it. By now I won’t be featured as I just started, with lots of support form you guys :sweat_smile:


The text/spreadsheet combo is great for academic research. I haven’t tried it w/ a large dataset though I tend to use database and stat software for that. It needs conditional functions though (ex: countifs, averageifs, etc… - I’m sure they’ll get there though).