Coda UX: Pastel Colored Buttons With Graphics 🧮

Once again, I return to the need for nicer BUTTONS in Coda.
The default colors are HARSH and not SUBTLE =.

So here I am using CALLOUTS within a Canvas Column to design what each label looks like; using Coda icons, or UTF icons, or any image you like.

Set the LABEL of your button to the required Canvas Column Cell.
I am using H3 formatting for big bold text, but you can user T for smaller text.

Max Xyzor


Thank you for this contribution Max. I welcome more button display options as well.

I was trying out your Pastel Colored Buttons doc. Don’t know if you would find this helpful or not… but I discovered that if I set the button size to large, I get a slightly more symmetrical white space border around the button. I imagine the ultimate goal is to not have the grey line border at all so that it doesn’t look like a button within a button. But in the meantime, I was trying to at least get the grey line border to have the same amount of white space between the grey line and the Callout part. Here is a screenshot.

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