Coda's equivalent to Excel's indirect

Hi all,

I have many tables (for ex: “Table 1” & “Table 2”) in my document and i would like to add all tables value to “Grand Final” Table. There are 2 options for end-user to do it:

  1. Add every single row value by pushing a button in each table
  2. Add whole table column value: As User can create new tables (table 3, table 4, etc), listcombine in Grand Final is complicated to them to modify formula in new tables. I suggest a “Table Content” containing buttons which push all button in each table.

For option 2, depending on Table name in column 1, I want every button action to connect to relative table. For ex: Button on the first row pushes all button in Table 1, Button on the second row does the same thing in Table 2.
I have tried a formula of action Add Table Column button but it does not work.

In my opinion, Coda should take Excel’s Indirect into consideration in this case.
If you have other ideas to solve it, pls share with me.

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@Loi_Quang_Ho - It would help if you can provide context on what you are using Coda for I would be able to provide more informed opinion.

just based on what I could figure out based on your question and sample document, it seems like you are creating multiple tables for storing same type of information - if so, I would suggest use Views to break down data in separate views vs creating separate tables. and then once you have a single table, you would not have to do “Grand Final” table - your table would act as a grand finale.

please see this article that explains how you can create views.

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@Krunal_Sheth: Sorry for late response

You are correct, I currently create a table containing all data then using view to break down data and link to view of table easily.

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