Coda's Google Sheet Pack Issue


I’m having this super weird issue with Coda’s Google Sheet pack.

I’m bringing in a named column range A1 to H655.
I’m able to make edits and sync columns A-G no problem, but when I make edits to H and try to send the edits back to Google Sheets, I get the following error:

Invalid data[0]: Requested writing within range [Roster!A2:G2] but tried writing to column [H]

I’ve tried bringing over more column, so A1 to I665, I 've tried deleting the column and entering in a new column. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

No solution from me but I’m having the same issue. Also, a whole bunch of the data in the Google Sheet isn’t showing up at all in Coda. @Samuel_Langford did you ever solve your issue?