Google Sheet - Coda Sync

I need to do a one way sync from Google Sheets to Coda and am using the google app script to complete this (How to sync data from Coda to Google Sheets (and vice versa) with Google Apps Script tutorial).

The source file (google sheet) has 8 columns and 2600 rows. New rows are added daily (about 200 a day). I am able to get the script to work, except the first column does not come over. This is a date column. All of the other columns/rows are syncing as expected. Are there any requirements for the first column? Any ideas?


That script was written by @Al_Chen_Coda . . . Al can you help out at all?

An alternative would be to sync your data in through Zapier/Make or other third party automation platforms

Hi @E_Browning, I would double-check that the column name you’re trying to sync from Google Sheets matches exactly to the column name in your Coda table. Sometimes there might be a leading or trailing space in the column name which would prevent the script from syncing the data.

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Thank you. You were correct. There was a leading space in the source file. I don’t know how that got past me because I checked that a few times, and couldn’t find it. But, it was there. its working.

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