Coda to Google Sheets Sync using a script

Hi everyone, so recently I attempted to setup a coda to google sheets sync with a script. I followed a tutorial created by Al Chen but encountered an error.

Now in no way am I a coder/developer, and the steps were relatively easy to follow and I believe I did everything as explained but I just can’t seem to set this up appropriately and get the desired table sync from coda to google sheets.

Here’s the error message I keep receiving so I’d appreciate any help on the matter.
Screenshot (60)

Oh, and here’s the link to Al Chen’s tutorial (for reference):

How to sync data from Coda to Google Sheets (and vice versa) with Google Apps Script tutorial

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Hi @Maanday_Admin, thanks for your question. I would double-check the doc ID you put in the script is correct (it’s the string of characters after the “_d” in the URL). So if your URL looks something like this: “Coda | Everything evolves, the evolution of documents.” your doc ID to use in the script would be “12345abc.” In the script, you also need to put the doc ID in double quotes (e.g. “12345abc”).


Thank you so much for the solution Al, it worked.

I had a minor misinterpretation of how to extract the doc ID :see_no_evil: and everything is syncing perfectly as it should!!!


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