Blog post on one-way sync between two Coda docs

I was working with someone who wanted to sync unique tables in their master source doc with unique tables in their target doc, and ended up writing a blog post about the solution I came up with in Google Apps Script. The post also talks about syncing data between two Google Sheets spreadsheets and the pros/cons of using GAS. Hope you find it useful!


I followed your blog post, but when I get to the part of trying to get the Table_ID I got the error:
ReferenceError: CodaAPI is not defined (line 2, file “Code”)"
as I attempted to run the code with my CODA API Token. Am I missing something? How do you load the CODA API library into the script before running it? Thanks in advance.

Hi @CoHo_redemptionpoint, in order to load the Coda library, In Google Apps Script go to Libraries then Resources and paste the following string of text/numbers into the library field: 15IQuWOk8MqT50FDWomh57UqWGH23gjsWVWYFms3ton6L-UHmefYHS9Vl . If you scroll down to the “Setup” sections in this blog post you’ll see detailed instructions on how to get things set up.

Hi @Al_Chen_Coda ,
Is there a PHP script to replace the GAS for doing the exact same thing(one-way sync from source doc to target doc)?
The blog was very informational and unfortunately, i can only use a PHP script to achieve the same function as the given google apps script.

I didn’t write a PHP script, unfortunately.