Issue coping data from Coda to Google Sheets with App Script

Hi all!
I am using the App Script that @Al_Chen_Coda created here and it works for the most part but it produces too many updates.

Adding and deleting rows seem to work ok but every time I run it I get about twice as many updates as the number of rows, which takes a long time (about 6 min for 870 rows).
I don’t know if it is related but I occassionaly have some missing and/or duplicated rows as well.

Has anyone had this? Do you have a quick execution if there are not many updates?


I have found the issue! I’m posting just in case someone else has the same problem.

Two colomns in every row were updating every time because the format of the information (currency and date) did not match between Coda and Sheets. This meant that althrough the value was basically the same, the string equivalent was different so it was triggering the update condition.

Matching the formats completely resolved the issue and the whole thing now runs very quickly!

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I have now found another issue where the deletion of rows only seem to work on half of them.
The code successfully identifies the number of rows to be deleted but only half of them are successfuly removed.

I’ll keep digging and reply to the post if I find the solution.

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Hi @Javier_Nadal1 , I would make sure to not run the script too frequently (e.g. something like every second) as the script needs to take time writing the Coda row URL into the Google Sheet. It really varies depending on how much data you are trying to sync from Coda to Google Sheets, but at a minimum I would wait a few minutes in between each run of the script.

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