Coda's Slack integration should fetch a person's Display Name, not their Full Name

Hi, I had a question regarding the Slack integration. Right now, instead of Coda showing a person’s chosen Display Name as seen by default in Slack itself, it fetches the person’s legal Full Name.

This is extremely confusing, as the default behavior for Slack is to show the Display Name in all conversations.

2023-05-17 18-39-20 — slack design-wip-chat_-Everfree_Northwest-_Slack
2023-05-17 18-38-58 — slack Nick_-Everfree_Northwest-_Slack

Even Slack itself says that your Display Name is what “you’d like for people to refer to you in Slack”, as seen below:

2023-05-17 17-06-11 — slack Coda_-Everfree_Northwest-_Slack

So Coda should, ideally, fetch the Display Name. But instead it fetches the Full Name.

It gets very confusing when someone goes by a nickname (“Bill”) that differs from their legal name (“William”) and sets their Display Name accordingly, but Coda fetches their unused Full Name.