Extracting Co-workers names from Slack integration

I’m attempting to source my co-workers favorite musician and song via a form. I’ve set up my table with the main column being a column type “people”. I then have columns for artist and song.

Then I created a form based off that table, however when I go to preview form and see how names populate in the dropdown bar, there aren’t any names. I changed the privacy setting to ensure “include people” was toggled on and still not seeing anything.

It’s confusing because I’ve accomplished this in a different Doc but can’t seem to recreate the drop on select option on the form. Any help, as always, is super appreciated.


I’ve even gone as far as dropping a table of all Slack users associated with my work account, so I have another completely separate table with all my co-workers, however if I try to create a form from that table, I am not given the option…what am I doing wrong?

I just want the people column to populate with co-worker names from Slack Pack integration.

Hey @Dustin_Good1 . To better understand what it is you’re attempting to accomplish, can you please clarify if you would like the form to capture whoever is filling it out? If so, you will need to apply a CreatedBy() formula to the People column connected to your form. However, in order for this formula to work, the user filling out the form must be logged into Coda and the Privacy Settings must be set to “require login”.

I accomplished what I wanted however I’m quite sure it wasn’t the proper path.

What I ended up doing is creating a table with a People column and my slack account attached.

I then created a form off that table. At first when I previewed the form there weren’t any options in the dropdown other than my name. However when I went back to my table and manually added all my coworkers via the slack pack, i was then able to see their names in the dropdown on my form.

A slight issue at this point was the fact that when people would submit their form it would now show two rows with their name. One empty (except for their name) because I manually added their name, the second was the proper row that they submitted. So I deleted all their names from the table, somewhat fearing their names would no longer be in the drop down menu for the form, however I was happy to find that the names were still there. The whole thing was a bit confusing for me however I’m satisfied with the end result.

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