Drop down list in form using formula

here’s a dummy document - i’m looking at the “Female Shorts Form”

I want to send this form: https://coda.io/form/Peachy-Female-Bottoms-form_dXQchsvQpy8 to our athletes and have them choose the team they are signed for, and then select their own FULL name from a drop down list.

Since i need a formula to create the ‘full name’ column, I can’t figure out how to have the full name in a drop down list.

Hi @Ruby_George1 I would duplicate the “Coda Support - Full Name” choosing “Duplicate as editable values” and set the column type to Select List, then use that new column as a dropdown in your form.
Hope that makes sense

Thank you! I’ve tried that - maybe I’m doing something wrong… here’s a video explanation Zight Recording at 2024-4-7...

hi @Ruby_George1 ,

the easiest way forward is link teams to players in the table about teams
then the player is a relation to the team, team 3 has none in this example, but you can create multiple and add them.

next you have to filter the relation via options, see below.

Small tables with a sharp focus are the way forward. Your team tables require a different approach to remain up to date since teams can change over time.

may i ask, did you first go to support and did they send you to the community?

cheers, Christiaan

Thank you @Christiaan_Huizer - I appreciate your time but in my real document that IS the setup (Teams and players related).

here is a video of the real document - it’s probably something very silly that I’m missing but I’ve been working on this for 3 days and getting very frustrated (and very late on getting this form sent out!)
(removed video for privacy reasons)

Oh and I asked Coda and they did something with the “Coda Support” labeled column, but it didn’t work in the form. I sent them the question back but also came to the community because I need to fix this as quickly as possible.

Thanks @Christiaan_Huizer - I hadn’t considered the info shared in the video so I took that clip down. I appreciate the advice.

yes, my doc is big and complicated but this formula should be simple… it’s combining 2 columns into one and then using that column as a select list in a form. That does not seem complicated to me - I don’t understand why it’s not working.

I provided a possible way out in the form with the name CodaCom
via options I created a filter in the relation (former lookup), this should do the trick, this is in your doc.

I have to leave you here, the community is about helping out with functions and this as far as I go.
Cheers, christiaan

So everybody knows, Coda support finally told me that essentially, this couldn’t be done but it’s on the feature request list.

I ended up just manually typing everyone’s firt and last name into their “full name” columns and doing a drop down list from that.

I can’t think of any reason why this would not work. That said, I think you have to think twice before you publish a form with a list of (real) names.

I had sent you a private message offering you some help by looking at your doc, but perhaps you never saw my message?