New Column: select list of column names from current table

I have a table listing my teams, along with five columns with calculations. Each team actually uses only one of those columns, so I’d like to add another column that says “use this column name” for this team. Possible?

Hi Daniel,
I’m sorry, i’m not sure to perfectly understand your need. Would you mind to rephrase it ? What must this new column do ?


Hello @Daniel_Sinclair

I think he probably means a way to filter who will use what :).



Sure. I’ve got a list of teams. Each column after the team namecalculates the number of developers differently. I’ve got one column for each method, i.e.

Col 0: Team Name
Col 1: Active Developers (role) here more than 6 weeks (tenure)
Col 2: Active Developers (role) regardless of tenure
Col 3: Active Devops or Developers (roles) here more than 6 weeks
Col 4: Active DataEngineers (role) here more than 6 weeks

I have this calculated for each team using a formula that counts based on these params

I want to indicate for each team which calculation to use, preferably by just adding a column that lets you pick from one of these 5 column names.

So I want my new column to be a select list of Col1, Col2, Col3, Col4

I guess I don’t actually need a link to the column, and could just hand enter the values, but another view is going to pull the Team Names along with the correct count into one column (and other metrics).

I’m a Coda newb, trying to recreate all the pivots and xlookups I used in excel! Thanks all for help.

Create a column named “NumberOfDevelopers” and use a SwitchIF to set its value based on which team that row is.


Team = TeamNameA, Col1,

Team = TeamNameB, Col2,

Team = TeamNameC, Col3,

Team = TeamNameD OR Team = TeamNameE, Col4,



I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. I have 70 teams. All I want in the dropdown is to be able to choose the correct column (by column name) to use for each team. I don’t want to hard code it.

Perhaps I need to move the formulas into another table, and just have one column in the Teams table that allows me to choose a value from the field in the other table.

Create a select list with the names of the three columns?

Yes, got it now. Create a column with a manually populated list of the column names, then add ANOTHER to set the value of Preferred using switchif preferred = col1name, etc, thanks!!!

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