Create People type column including all the Slack users from our Slack workspace

I want to create a “People” column which is synced to our Slack workspace. So whoever is on our Slack workspace would automatically show up in the drop-down of People column in a table. Is this possible somehow?

Context: I want to send several notifications as Slack DM and it would be the easiest if I could just bring the People column synced with the Slack users to tables from where I want to send different kinds of notifications.

Hi @Tamas_Mahner ,
I’m afraid this is not possible.

Maybe you might consider a Zapier connection triggered when a new user is added to slack that inserts a record into a Slack Accounts (Coda) table.

Dear Federico,

Thanks so much for your reply! Yes, this was another thought of mine to create a “root” table and put the users manually, this can be done as we are not such a big organisation. And then whenever I need Slack users to trigger I reference to that root table. I guess that is possible.

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