Collapsible Nested Rows/sub-items

Hi everyone!

I’ve searching left and right to see if I can have a table where the rows have collapsible sub-items.

I noticed that groups exist, but it seems they work somewhat differently than what I’m looking for.

Here’s how it looks like in Notion:


Would be amazing to make this work, as it’s the last step to create a fully-fledged product feedback management system.

Appreciate any help!


Another example of the look and feel I want to achieve:

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Hi Hugo,

Welcome to the Coda Community!

Short answer - No. You do not have collapsible rows in tables in Coda.

But you do have

  • Nested pages
  • The ability to have nested tables, which has just had a big new announcement of improvements.
  • There are packs that will assist in various ways, from using AI to create a mindmap, to Mermaid allowing you to use it to create different kinds of graph based layouts.
  • The ability to cross reference entries in a table to itself. This can be used to create a hierarchical structure like below:

And below is a link to the above page:

I mean the next in the best possible way - Coda is very different to anything else. Even to Notion, even though superficially they look similar. Looking for features from Notion, Airbase, Excel or other apps is going to be an exercise in futility and frustration.

Take a month or so to get to a good understanding of Coda, and then build your magnum opus. If it is a magnum opus, it will be worth the extra upfront effort.


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Hey @Hugo_Monteiro, welcome to the Community!

This native row nesting is not possible yet. But you could simulate something like this creatively, e.g. with some formulaic bullets like here:


The formula for the bullets is like this:

  thisRow.[Level of nesting] > 0,
  Concatenate("  ", Repeat(" ", thisRow.[Level of nesting] - 1), "⤷ ◼"),

and I’m calculating the level of nesting and sorting pretty much like here:


Welcome, Hugo! There are some workarounds for today as @Paul_Danyliuk mentioned, but this is on our radar as well. Stay tuned :eyes:


Any idea when a feature like this might show up? It’s key to some workflows we would like to build.

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Yes, its critical to me to have this feature. My software products are very large and have 10+ levels of nesting features in complex hierarchies. It’s incredibly hard to try and visualize this, and to be able to hide/show sub sections to reduce clutter would be massively important to me.

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