Collapsibles in callout are breaking the layout

The arrows are breaking out of the callout box. It isn’t necessarily bad, but it is problematic on the first line

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Hey @CleberSantana, we aren’t able to reproduce this in our own testing. Can you share the doc here, and expand more on the steps to reproduce what you’re seeing?

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Hi @Jasmine_B :blush: !

As I can repro on Mac + Chrome (v114+), maybe I can add some info here :innocent:

It happens when using headers and then collapse content.

Whatever the size of the very first collapsible header is, the arrow stays located out of the callout, whether the callout uses an icon or not.

Now I do understand that collapsible headers nest themselves depending on the size of the header used so, there might be cases where having the collapse/expand arrow of the first header located out of the callout would make sense (e.g.: 1st header is a H1, a bunch of H2 are nested within it… and that’s the whole content of a callout).

Where it gets confusing though (IMHO :innocent: ) is if one wants to create a list of collapsible headers using only one size of headers (H2, for example)

A workaround would be to not collapse the first header (so use it as a title for the callout) but only collapse the headers coming after …
But this means that one can’t really format the callout as they want as they would be now forced to find and use a title for the callout.
But, generally speaking, I find the result visually confusing as if there’s no icon selected for the callout, the collapse/expand arrow would still be a little bit misaligned :pensive: .

On the other hand, the misalignment of the collapse/expand arrow gets better if one uses an icon for the callout (but again, this means that the use of an icon becomes mandatory)

Here’s a sample doc I used for the screenshots :blush: .
(It is also “shared with Coda Support”, just in case :smiling_face: )

I know all this probably looks more like inconsistencies than bugs but I thought this could help :innocent:

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Ahhh thank you — super helpful! We have gone ahead and filed this bug :smile: Turnaround time can vary on a number of factors, so I don’t have a timeline to share on when this might be fixed, but your patience is appreciated in the meantime!

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My pleasure @Jasmine_B :grin: !

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