Column format is not the same in table vs in formula

I created a column with a number format, but when I refer to that column in a formula it shows as a text format??

Hi Jean,

It is a known bug/feature… It usually happens if you created a column with one type, and then entered data of another type.


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Any idea of ETA to fix this? Pretty annoying!


Don’t know whether there are plans to “fix” it, it was a design feature based on early user requirements to have “weak typing” of data types. Hence the quotes around fix, some people actually prefer the way it currently works.

I am not one of them…


I can understand the weak typing of data types and don’t have a problem with it per se.

What I have a problem with is lack of consistency: showing a column is a number on the table and that it is a text on a formula (and generating an error due to that). User should be able to override it manually (maybe that’s a new feature request) AND it should stay consistent (inconsistency IS DEFINITELY A BUG)

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