Column Summary Toggle Option and Default Suggestions

Major first world problem here:
Some data I’ve worked with over the past couple months on Coda may not benefit from a summarized value at the bottom of the column. So in more cases than not, I try to hide the summary row.
In order to do this, I need to click on the summary cell then select “Hide label” then click on the summary cell again to select “None”.

However, that still leaves me with the summary row functional, which I admittedly trip on quite often while navigating a doc.
My suggestion is to have the summary row be made a toggle feature available through the table display window. Kind of like this and perhaps with it defaulted in the off position:

Is this something worth considering or am I just being a big baby?

And on the topic of being a big baby. When we add a People Column, may we have the notification toggle defaulted to “off” as well? It’s a little embarrassing when I flood people’s inbox accidentally when I’m just in the beginning stages of building a new document or making formatting edits.
CleanShot 2019-12-10 at 12.31.51

Lastly, I think I may name my firstborn ‘Coda’ since I freaking love using it. And get tattoos of the logo. For both me and the newborn.


Hi @Asher_Long,

This is great feedback and you’re touching on some items that catch me as well. I’ve got this post linked for our team to check out!

Thank you for using Coda and especially for the feedback!



You’re the man. Thanks, @BenLee!

I agree completely with @Asher_Long’s suggestion to be able to toggle the summary row off and on. I would also like the summary row in general to get some love: formatting, customizable label, etc. I use it for invoicing and would really like it to stand out!


Good name indeed for a baby!
I broke my Coda mug by the way :sob: