Give Column Summary some love?

Hi Codans,
I’d love to see the Column Summary item get some attention! I invoice clients using Coda so this is an important area for me (surely I’m not the only one who would like this to be more customizable?).

My requests:

  • ability to copy and paste the result (great at tax time!)
  • ability to format this item (make it bold or big so client is eager to pay me!)
  • ability to create custom labels so that it’s TOTAL and not Sum (see this post)

Thanks for consideration, Coda dev crew!


Hi Dana,

What about creating a separate page with all the information related to that client?

Then you can format and word everything as you want and you can export the page to pdf and email to your customer so that they have a record of the invoice as well!

I can share an invoicing tool that I use if you’d like to see it.