Column total - improve/add font formatting (& labels)

Would like to request that Column totals and labels not be gray–currently they are hard to see on screen (and are even lighter when printed–see screenshot). They should at minimum be the same color as the rest of the table text.


I would like to use Coda to generate invoices and at the moment the totals don’t look like a real part of the doc.

Ability to format the font/appearance of this important item (like the rows/columns) would be ideal. As would the ability to customize the total’s label (Total, Grand Total, Amount Due, etc.).

Dear @anon21780085

I understand your concern and agree that this is the most easy way to get basic info’s over the content in the column.

Obviously you can make a second table that summarizes columns, even with filtering certain conditions like in the *.gif below

This is the formula in [Table 2] Column 2
[Table 1].FILTER(IN([Column 1], thisRow.[Column 1].[Column 1])).[Column 2].Sum()

These contents are just “black” :star2:

Hopeful this gives you the perspective on how to solve your concern.

Kind regards,

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