Column totals in mobile app


I’ve built a budget in Coda that totals both the full amount in a column, and also each grouped section within the column.

Will these totals eventually be viewable in the mobile app? It’s a bit hard to rely on a budget that doesn’t total. :slight_smile:

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In the mobile app (IOS) or in the Chrome browser (Android) you will be able to see all content for the pages you create.
I would suggest to create a view, where you select the for you relevant columns/rows to have a better user experience.


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Hi Codans!

Here’s a hearty “me too” for the same feature request as Daniel. The sums at the bottom of the columns are (usually) the most important part of my docs, so I would like to see them in the Mobile app. They’re not shown there now.



Hi Coda folks - just wanted to bump this up. I was making some adjustments to my budget on Coda this morning on my iPad while away from my desktop.

However, because Coda mobile doesn’t total the columns (and grouped sections of columns) I coudln’t see how any of my budget tweaks affected my overall budget.

Could you let us know if column totaling and (and grouped column totaling) on mobile is something you are working towards? I plan to mostly rely on Coda for budgeting and seeing totals on mobile will remain very important to me.



Also it would be great to see the totals when a section is being emailed with automations/buttons.