Columns value no longer fitting without wrapping. Did text size change?

Over last couple days I’ve been noticing various column values, e.g. a lookup with Status values, started wrapping onto multiple lines where previously they had been sized to perfectly fit the largest possible value. Has there been some change to text sizing?


There have been some changes on the typography, maybe it has changed your display.



Thank you Thierry - should we expect the changes to remain as they currently are? I want to know if we should adjust our tables to the updates or if it will revert back. Thank you!

I don’t have exact information about this but it seems that some users are not satisfied, but I doubt they will go back.

Hey Ed! As Thierryvm mentioned, we have made some changes to our typography, and this is likely why you’re seeing some changes to your doc. We know Makers use Coda because they want to create functional, yet beautiful docs to accomplish their best work. We endeavored to provide a consistent visual experience, so Coda docs would look the same no matter what platform your team is using. We also wanted to help expedite the creation of beautiful docs, so that Makers could focus more on the addition of content rather than styling settings. We understand these updates have changed the look of your docs, and we greatly value the feedback of our Maker community. Please continue to share this feedback with


Hi everyone, thank you for all for the feedback about the new typography. We are excited to make an update that will allow you to choose between line break sizes:

In a cell:

  • Enter → submit (unchanged)
  • Shift + Enter → hard line break (unchanged)
  • Option (Mac) or Alt (PC) + Enter → soft line break (new behavior)

On the canvas:

    • Enter → hard line break (unchanged)
    • Shift + Enter → soft line break (new behavior)

Now, you can use these shortcuts to create the desired spacing in your beautiful docs. Thanks again for being a Maker!



thanks to you and the team for responding so quickly.

i notice that the definition of LineBreak() allows us to define whether it should genetate a hard or soft line break, defaulting to HARD.

LineBreak() → hard line break

LineBreak(true) → soft line break

which is regretable, as it will require my clients to change ALL their formulas to preserve the previous carefully worked-out layouts and formatting !


is it possible to reverse this before it is released, so the existing formulas produce soft line breaks without having to be changed ?


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On a related note, I submitted a bug report to support, but Shift+Enter line breaks are not working properly if the line starts with a URL: