Combine files from multiple columns

Is there a way to combine files from multiple file / image columns into a single column? I can’t seem to find a formula for this and it seems that naive copy paste would overwrite, not append. I would hate to have to download files one at a time… only to reupload.

Concatenate() gladly combines files and images from multiple columns :clap:

It seems to output a rich text field in the end though. If i set the concatenated column to a type of file it does not appear to work. This also means I can’t duplicate the combined column with value and delete the original ones (My goal is to combine multiple columns with files into a single one)

Dear @Tony_Xiao1,

I assume listcombine() will do the job.

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listCombine(col1, col2)


list(col1. col2)

will work.

but if col1 or col2 already has multiple files or images, then

listCombile(col1, col2)

will return a single flat list which is better.

ListCombine does the trick, thanks everyone!

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