Combine values of a list column from two tables into a new table

I have 2 tables and each contain a fruit list column

Table 1:
Name | Fruits
Anna Apple, Banana
Table 2:
Name | Fruits
Ben Orange, Banana

I’d like to be able to combine the 2 tables into a third new table Table 3:

Name | Fruits
Anna Apple, Banana
Ben Orange, Banana

I’m able to use ListCombine() for columns with single value only
But I’m somehow unable to combine values in a column list and still be able to properly map it to its appropriate name.

Please help. Thank you!

Hey @candyspecs
The easiest way is to have a button which:

  • Imports all rows from Table 1 into Table 3
  • Then imports all rows from Table 2 into Table 3

I’ve whipped up a quick doc to show you how to do that. The link is at the bottom of this reply.

Just a little advice… Please could you include a link to your doc the next time you post a question? It makes it much easier to understand your problem, so you’ll get better feedback. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, and feel free to shout if I’ve misunderstood you!


Hi @candyspecs ,

check out the Merge Table Lite Pack, it’s designed to do exactly what you are requesting.


Thank you so much for this!

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Thank you for this as well!

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