Accessing a field after ListCombining two tables

I have two tables — Tasks and Bills — that each have a date field called Due.

This works: Bills.Filter(Due-Today()<=Days(7)).BulletedList()

It gives me a bulleted list of items coming up in the Tasks 7 days.

This also works: Tasks.Filter(Due-Today()<=Days(7)).BulletedList()

I would expect this to work: ListCombine(Bills,Tasks).Filter(Due-Today()<=Days(7)).BulletedList()

…to get a bulleted list of items from both tables.

Where it seems to get hung up is on letting me refer to Due as a combined thing.

Similar if I sort instead of filter.

I haven’t tried using ListCombine, but does it give you a currentInstance or something within your filter formula?

I suspect even though you use the same column name Due in both tables, actual column references are different so ListCombine returns a list of rows but without access to the columns.

This might work for you