Need some help combining Filters + ListCombine

I’m trying to create a tool that will randomly assign clean-up tasks to staff based on whether they are present in the studio that day, and whether or not they have done a particular task already that week.

I have a button column in a table of tasks used to assign the staff:
ModifyRows(thisRow, thisRow.Staff, RandomItem(Staffing.filter([In Studio?]=true AND [Has a current assignment?]=false AND Not([EOD Chores for the week].Contains(thisRow.Chore)) )))

And a second table that tracks what each staff member is doing that particular day, which includes a button column that dumps the day’s task into another column that complies a list of tasks completed this week.
ModifyRows(thisRow, thisRow.[EOD Chores for the week],ListCombine(thisRow.[EOD Chores for the week],thisRow.[Today’s Chore]).Filter(CurrentValue.IsNotBlank()))

Right now, the filter is not recognizing the items in the column [EOD Chores for the week] if I used the button to add an item, but it does work if I manually select a chore to enter into that column.

Anyone have any ideas how to make this work?


Hello @Keap_Ops! It is a bit difficult to for us to know what’s happening without access to the doc in question. But I’ll try by asking a couple questions.

  1. Could you explain a bit more what you mean when you said that the filter is no recognizing the items in the column [EOD Chores for the week].
    You could show what is happening and also what you are expecting

  2. Just to confirm, are both Today’s Chore and EOD Chores for the week linked to the same table?

Thanks for taking a look at this @Saul_Garcia! I’ll try to move this over to a page that I can share but in the meantime, I’ll try to add some clarity to the problem.
You are correct that the column [Today’s Chore] in the Staffing table is linked to the End of Day Chores Assignments table.
The Assign Staff button in the End of Day Chores Assignments table assigns a staff member to the row by looking at the Staffing table and assigning a random Staff member who is In Studio, does not have a current assignment, and has not already done the chore that week. – this last part of the filter, (Staffing.filter(Not([EOD Chores for the week].Contains(thisRow.Chore)))) works in one scenario but not another.

It works when, in the Staffing table, an EOD Chore for the week has been selected from the dropdown menu for the column.

It does not work if an EOD Chore for the week has been added by pressing the button, Add to list of weekly chores

When I say that the filter works or does not, I mean that when it is working, a staff member who has already done a chore in the week, the Assign Staff button will never assign that chore to that staff member again; it will not assign any staff to the task if all the filter conditions are not met.
When the filter is not working (aka, when the “Add to list of weekly chores” button was used to add Today’s Chore to the column “EOD Chores for the week”) the Assign Staff button will assign a staff member to a chore that is already in the column EOD Chores for the week.

Hope this better explains what’s going on - and I’ll try to replicate the table in a page that I can share!

@Saul_Garcia if you still have the appetite to tackle this puzzle, (or for anyone else who stumbles upon this post,) I’ve recreated the tables in a publicly shared page here
Feel free to play around, and let me know if you have more questions or ideas for how to make this work! Thank you!

Hello @Keap_Ops!
Thanks for sharing the doc, it was very helpful!
I managed to find the problem.
In the Staffing table

Today’s task column and EOD tasks for the week are not linked to the same table.
Today’s task is linked to End of Day Assignment table

And EOD task for the week is linked to EOD Tasks

To fix this, I changed the formula on the Add list of weekly chores button as follows

I added the pink part, so instead of thisRow.[Today’s task]
now we get thisRow.[Today’s task].Task
this way we combine only tasks from the EOD Tasks Table.

Everything I explained is updated in the doc you shared.

I hope this helps!

ahhh, ok - I see what you mean; thank you so much, @Saul_Garcia!!
Made the updates in my original doc and it works like a charm

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